The Biggest Secrets Of Online-Poker

Of all the tips we have received from professional players over the years, one in particular stands out: stay patient in online poker! Everything depends on patience and in the end this factor will also determine whether you will make money in your online game or not.

It is normal that sometimes you don’t get good cards for weeks, and a good poker player learns to deal with it. It is common knowledge that you can lose a lot of money if you play too high over your limit. But if you don’t learn to play with patience, you can go broke much faster.

Professional Poker Players Are Extremely Patient


You won’t find a professional poker player who is impatient, because poker is a game where you think long-term. Luck is also important in poker, of course, in order to finish with a profit. But the best players know that poker is like the stock market: there are highs and there are lows, but if you have a good plan, it pays to stay consistent and play evenly.

Some poker strategists calculate that it can take an average of over 1,400 hours before you can expect to win. While this number seems slightly exaggerated, you should still take stock of your poker play on a monthly basis. If you play well and consistently, every month can end with a profit for you.

How To Spot A Problem

You can, of course, have a run of bad luck and lose for a month. But if you are losing month after month, you should ask yourself if you might have a problem with your patience.

There are two types of impatience:

  1. Staking too much on ruinous cards.
  2. Playing too many hands.

Betting Too Much on Ruinous Cards

Even if you only play the best hands, you can be an impatient player. This would be the case if you bet too much money on “ruinous” hands. For example, let’s say you raise three kings and get three callers. You see an ace hit the flop and make a bet anyway. If you continue to raise, you do so knowing that there is a high probability that you will be beaten. Good players know that you need to put these cards down. Impatient players will not realize that their hand is ruinous and continue to play it as if it were the top hand.

While you want to keep playing strong with good hands, you never want to make bets when you’ve already folded. Mess up your flop with Ace-King…. don’t get upset! Keep fighting another day.

Playing Too Many Hands

Secrets Of Online-Poker

Another sign of impatience is when you play too many hands. True, it can be boring to stare at your computer screen for hours without action. That’s why some people get tired, loosen up their game and start to play “loose”. At that moment it becomes easier to click the call button than to follow the game attentively.

The best advice I can give you to fight fatigue and boredom in long poker sessions is to only play when you are paying attention. This is the best defense against players who come in new and with fresh energy. If you don’t do this, you will quickly lose motivation to play your best poker. Then you start hoping for luck and that becomes fatal. Learn to log off or leave the casino when you notice that you are getting tired and inattentive. This is a simple weapon to cut losses.

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