Unreal memory: 5 ways to remember important information

Many often complain that they have a bad memory, but there are many tricks to say goodbye to this problem forever and train the brain. Today we offer 5 memorization techniques that are the most accessible in their development.

Remember surnames by association

Remember surnames by association

The human brain is great at processing familiar information. Try to associate the new with something familiar. You were given the name of the interlocutor, and you immediately came up with an association with him. Help can come:

  • Historical associations (associated with the names of famous historical or political figures);
  • Autobiographical associations (associated with the names of relatives, acquaintances, and friends);
  • Cultural associations (associated with the names of the heroes of books, movies, and so on);
  • Letter associations (come up with a verb for the first letter of the name you heard, which begins with the same letter).

Draw a picture in your head for a second, and then the invented association will firmly connect with this person.

Remember PIN codes using the logical link method

It is possible to find logical connections even in the most clumsy combination of numbers. To memorize PIN codes consisting of 4 digits, you can use addition, division, and subtraction. Let’s say you need to remember PIN code 7916. It’s very easy because you just need to add up the first digits: 7 + 9 = 16. PIN code 1508 is perfectly tied to the mom’s date of birth. Maybe it is the password for the Spinia Casino Login section. Anyways, everything will be helpful.

Learn foreign languages ​​using stickers

Learn foreign languages ​​using stickers

This method serves as a simple but very effective way to replenish your vocabulary. Buy a pack of stickers from the store, and look around your room at home. You need to understand the translation of the names of which objects you do not know. After that, you will need to translate each of these names into the language that you want to learn, write them down on stickers (without translation), and then stick a sticker with the name to each item.

There is only one condition – the desired word must be repeated several times in the mind, so you better remember it. Over time, all these words will be deposited in your memory without additional effort. After a week, they will become habitual, so these stickers will need to be removed and replaced with new ones.

Use mind maps

Such cards are a universal method by which large amounts of information are remembered. Representing it visually, you arrange information in your mind in its place and build logical connections in your thoughts. To remember anything, you just need to imagine this finished drawing.

The thought map is formed as follows:

  • Take a sheet of paper and in its centre indicate the main problem.
  • Draw thick branches from it – they will become the main sections of your map (by analogy with a book, these will be its chapters).
  • From the main sections, make branches: important words are added here that define the details, and the most significant thoughts.

Remember words that are difficult to perceive using the method of sound 

This is a universal method. When pronouncing a difficult word, try to hear something already familiar. According to this principle, write down the words in the spelling of which you are mistaken, say them out loud, and then select a vivid association for them. Errors will be noticeably smaller.

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