Signs that a Person is Only Pretending to be Rich

Fake rich versus real? How to tell the difference? Let’s imagine that you are flying on vacation or on a business trip. Next to you is a guy in branded clothes, with the latest (and most expensive) phone model, perfect styling, clear skin and all that. We have collected several suspicious signals that your acquaintance just wants to appear rich, but in fact, he is not.

Constantly Talks about Investments

It is a first wake-up call. In the game on the stock exchange, even experienced investors lose money. It is possible to make money on this, but it is hardly realistic to travel and get rich only by collecting profits from shares. Also they will tell that they earned money playing on the 20Bet website. If Warren Buffett himself is not confident in the reliability of investments, then what can we say about your former classmate?

Caring More About Brand than Quality

Caring More About Brand than Quality

Pseudo-rich people do not hesitate to buy fakes or, conversely, spend the last and get into debt for the sake of the original handbag with the famous logo. The main thing is to show everyone that they have the opportunity to buy expensive things, and everything else is unimportant. Real oligarchs focus only on comfort and quality. That’s why some luxury brands can seem boring: they appeal to a different way of thinking.

Hinting at Connections with Successful People

People often try to use other people’s influence to appear more important. Fake rich people like to say that they are almost best friends with richer and more successful people, although in fact they just saw them one day.

They Like to Use Complex Words

Any job is good, but when a person tries to appear more successful, better and richer, he will not say that he works as a secretary. No, he’ll call it a “first impression manager” – solid, right? The rich do not care what their position is called – the main thing is that they can move up the career ladder, earn money and enjoy work.

Not Following a Healthy Diet

The rich are not immune from anything, but they are unlikely to overdo it. The same Warren Buffett loves cola without sugar, but in general, rich people try to monitor their health. And their gastronomic horizons are much wider: they understand wines, cheese and delicacies, they know the etiquette and know the intricacies of different cuisines of the world.

Boasting About Having Money

Boasting About Having Money

What about money? Can one of the ten richest people on the planet write a post on social networks about how much they spend per day (and then offer to take a course with him to do the same)? No, definitely not. They will do a better job, and Forbes will take care of the rest.


The rich will never stop taking pictures next to an expensive car. Such things have long become commonplace. But the poor will not miss the moment and arrange a full-fledged photo shoot next to someone else’s car. This principle extends to hotels, homes, resorts, shopping and other aspects of life. You wouldn’t intentionally take a photo outside the grocery store near your house to show off, would you? 


Another way to learn the difference between the fake and the real rich is to simply engage in conversation with them. The first will immediately transfer all attention to themselves. They will talk for a long time about their plans, successes, and purchases, give advice and in other ways hint at their insecurity.

The rich have a different need: they want to know a little about everything. Such people ask a lot of questions, talk on eternal topics and try to help – at least with a word.

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