Baccarat Rules: How To Play And Win As A Beginner?

Baccarat is one of the simplest casino games you can play. You don’t need to learn super complicated winning strategies before you sit down at the baccarat tables. With the help of this guide and my actionable tips, you’ll be able to get started.

And if you decide to play for real money, make sure you read this article all the way to the end – because I have a surprise for you that will make your next game of online baccarat a little better.

How To Play Baccarat?


You don’t have to be James Bond to sit at the baccarat table before the cards are dealt.

In fact, it’s so easy to learn how to play baccarat that I bet you’ll go from beginner to real pro by the end of this article.

Want to bet? Think about your answer, because betting is about the only thing you can do when playing baccarat. That’s right: You sit down, count how many chips you want to invest in the game, and decide where to place them.

The Rules of Baccarat

The object of the game is to bet on the winning side. The three bets in Baccarat are the banker bet, the player bet and the tie bet. In a regular Baccarat game, the dealer uses six to eight decks of cards. The game starts with two hands placed on the table:

  • The banker’s hand.
  • The player’s hand.

You are not limited to playing the player’s hand, and you do not always win when the player wins. Since I know this complicates things a bit, I suggest that you consider the two hands in baccarat as follows:

  • The banker’s hand (or) Hand A.
  • The player’s hand (or) hand B.

Once the dealer places two cards on each part of the table, it’s time to calculate the points and determine the value of each hand. Note that the tens and face cards are all worth zero points. The other cards are worth their value, and to avoid any misunderstandings, I want to make it clear that the Ace is counted as one point. If the value of your hand is a two-digit number, only the second digit is counted.

Let me give you an example*.

  • The banker receives (10-spades)(7-hearts).
  • The player receives (9-hearts)(3-X).

In this hypothetical baccarat hand, the win goes to the banker because 0+7= 7 points, while the player’s hand has only 2 points (9+3 = 12 points, but since we use only the second digit, it becomes only two points). This is a simplified example. As you will see in a moment, things are a little more complicated. But not very much.

Natural Winners In Baccarat

Play Baccarat

I’m going to let you in on a very specific baccarat rule that you need to keep in mind every time you bet on the banker or the player. If the point total of the first two cards is equal to 8 or 9, the player who reaches that score (which is called a natural winner) wins the hand.

If this is the case, no more cards will be dealt and the bets made at the beginning of the action can be paid.

Now baccarat is gaining popularity again. Of course, in our country this game belongs to the exotic, but there is no doubt that sooner or later local players will appreciate it.

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